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Integral Graphic Design

We work with enthusiasm to transmit conscious messages to the people.

We consider graphic design ―or visual image― an activity to carry out carefully, with kindness and responsibiity, both in the study of the product or service involved, as well as in the environment where it is carried out.

We make our best for Designs to be unique, pleasant, integral, comprehensive and effective.

1. Graphic Design in Stamps : Eco Business Cards

Green your BusinessPERSONALIZED STAMPS for Ecological Promotion
Design, Manufacture & Ecological Promotion taking care of the environment

Recycle any paper at hand and promote yourself creatively making "New Personal Eco Cards". Use the Stamp also to print your own bags, envelopes and any surface!

Communicate ingeniously while recycling, saving money and protecting nature.
More than a card, it’s a piece of conscious communication.


2. Logo Design & Corporate Identity

Logotype Design

A logotype is a graphic representation of an individual, service or product.

Misiones, Argentina

The visual identity is the physical manifestation of the brand: the visual aspects of the identity of an organization.

 Visual identity


3. Graphic Design in T-Shirts, Stickers, Stationary, Brochures

11:11 T-shirt Design

graphic design bumper stickers

We project ideas to identify, differentiate and transmit information in:

T-Shirts, Satin and Faille Ribbons, Stationary, Brochures, Flyres, Pamphlets, Ads, Magnets, Souvenirs, Business Gifts, Pins, Agendas, Calendars, Postcards, Maps, Keychains, Glasses, Stickers...

Print Design

Flyers and leaflet

Digital Design

We don’t always need to print things out. We try to find ways to use less paper, focusing on virtual communication. We consider the papel sacred and we treat it with extreme responsibility, seeking hand-made recycled paper.

Banners, Flyers


sun moonDigital Brochure


4. Banners & Posters

Stand-Up Banners

Art Prints Design


5. Signs & Billboards 

Signs Design

SIGNS: Posters, Billboards, Neon Signs, Backlights, Flags, Banners, Plotter

VINYL: Signage, Vinyl Lettering, Decals, Store Window Lettering, Decorative Vynil, Vehicle Vinyl. T-shirts Vinyl Transfer.



6. Editorial Design

Layout design of magazines, books and news.

Selection and layout of texts, graphics, typography, color codes, paying special attention to the white spaces.

Editorial Design



7. Packaging & Stands Design

Graphic design has a great influence in the packaging and presentation of objects by differentiating, informing, identifying, and protecting its storage and transport.

Stand & Packaging Design



8. Airline Fuselage Design

Aircraft’s main body section graphic design


9. Graphic Design in Recycled Objects

Graphic Design has a great responsibility in protecting the environment. We make every effort to be ecologically responsable and self-sustainable by recycling and ReUsing materials

pirography art

We create hand-made design objects with discarded materials to protect the environment. We reuse: fabrics, boxes, wood, cardboard, papers, plastic, glass, sheet, and every other material we may find ideal to recover and promote a "green" culture in harmony with our Mother Earth - Gaia

We like to innovate and learn new things. So, whatever it is you are looking for, write to us and we will see how we may help you 😃

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