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What is usability? Usability is like breathing, you only realize about it when its missing. When something is difficult to use, you would like it to be easier and more intuitive.Planning and testing the usability of a website will to help prevent problems that demoralize the users of that site.People are very fickle, if the website is not easy to use, they will move to the competition. And we must bear in mind that a lost visitor is a lost opportunity.If the site is important for businesses, make sure it provides a ..
EVALUATING WEB SITE ACCESSIBILITY: A SEVEN STEP PROCESS Presenter(s) Jared Smith and Paul Bohman. WebAIM (Web Accessibility in Mind) Center for Persons with Disabilities ( Introduction Web Accessibility is becoming a very critical topic in information technology. Assistive technologies are allowing individuals with disabilities the power to access Web content when and how they desire. Most Web developers and designers are aware of the issues of Web accessibility, but do not know where to begin imple..
Summary: It is often said that it is difficult to combine usability and aesthetic beauty, but the reason can barely be explained why. Do usability specialists have such bad taste or are the designers and artists so bad at usability? The answer is not so simple. Aesthetic resources little usable A human perception finds aesthetically pleasing harmonies and symmetries of shapes, soft colors, edges with smooth transitions, gradients, etc. However, in many cases these graphic resources make difficult the usability of web..
Writing content for the Web People do not read the traditional way, they browse through the pages in a superficial way. Since Internet users read very differently than they read elsewhere, it is necessary to adapt the writing texts to this new style of reading. By Eduardo Manchón. Users do not read, they quickly flick (scan) to find the information they want. Web pages must be browsable ("scannable text) to facilitate the reading. Every piece of information presented in a web site competes with the rest t..
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